Prototype for functional grip strength training and progression

The ability to grip with the hands is important not just for climbing, but for many sports and occupations. Most grip devices (e.g., spring loaded squeeze devices) are not functional; that is, they do not directly apply to gripping that one does in real life. Moreover, they do not have a clear way to progress to stronger grips. Enter the functional and progressive Grip Cat, now under prototype III:

Grip CAT compilation 3 with magenta text and III-page-001

By using it I’ve noticed is that grip ability can be developed quickly. Gripping involves not just strength, but a type of hand coordination. To work that hand coordination, you need functional training, as you get with this device.

The full-page pdf is here: Grip Cat III poster

The description and instructions are here:  Grip Cat III routines and description  (Also posted under the “Training Guides” menu.)